weldhagen eggs

We have been producing eggs for more than 51 years in the Pretoria area and the Weldhagen family have been involved in the egg business since 1968.

just eggs

Just Eggs is our mix eggs brand, Weldhagen Eggs started to grow quickly since 2015 and our grading machine could not keep up with the amount off eggs we started selling.

egg depot

Egg Depot is our shops around Pretoria where we sell directly to the public, farm fresh eggs at wholesale prices.

champ's choice feeds

One of the reasons our quality is unbeatable comes down to the fact that we source our own chicken feed from all over South Africa and also do our own milling.

organo grow

Premium chicken manure products for agricultural and domestic use.

suikerboschfontein poultry farm

Another successful venture by the Weldhagen family –Suikerboschfontein Poultry Farm based in Pretoria.

weldhagen egg facts
Eggs, like many other perishable foods, should be stored in the refrigerator until they are needed to help maintain their freshness. The lower and consistent temperature limits moisture lost through the pores of the egg shell.lifestyle.